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Paignton - Take Away Menu

To Begin

Monk Fish Tikka

Chilly and coriander Marinated Monk fish Tikka.

Saffron Jhinga

King prawn marinated with creamy saffron and chargrilled.

Lamb Samosa

Spiced mince of lamb in triangle shape samosa pastry

Spice Crusted Boti Kebab

Honey and Lemon marinated Mutton Back strap, crusted with crushed cumin and pepper and broiled in Tandoor oven

Murgha Malai Tikka

Cardamom and cashew nut flavoured creamy Chicken kebab.

Chicken tikka

Spices Marinated Chicken supreme skewered and broiled in tandoor oven.

Gilafi Sheek

Skewered ground lamb kebab Coated with chopped peppers and onion.

Onion Bhaji

Crispy spice coated onion fritters.

Vegetable Samosa

Vegetable sautéed with spices and filled in a triangle shape pastry


To Follow

Chettinadu Kozhi Varutha Kulambu

Chicken cooked in roasted Chettinadu spices sauce.

Telugana Garlic Chilly Chicken

Chicken cooked in garlic and chilly flavoured sauce.

Kadai Chicken

Chicken tossed with green peppers in a traditional iron wok with medium spiced masala of garlic, onion, tomato and tempering of coarsely crushed red chilli and coriander seeds.

Murgh Makanwala

The immensely popular butter chicken. Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken Simmered in a rich tomato butter flavoured gravy. Accented with dry fenugreek leaves

Murgh Kurma

Chicken cooked in spiced cashew nut and onion base creamy sauce.

Lamb Shank Vindaloo

Lamb shank slow cooked Medium Hot vindaloo sauce.

Peppery Lamb

Cubes of boneless lamb cooked in a lovely hot black pepper masala sauce

Sag Gosht

Cubes of boneless lamb with silky spinach sauce.

Malabar Lamb curry

Lamb cooked in roasted coconut and spices flavoured sauce.

Thalasseri Biryani

Veg/Chicken/lamb/prawn cooked with traditional Malabar spices in a sealed pot With basmati rice. Served with raita or vegetable curry.

veg £9.50/
meat £10.95/
seafood £11.50

Seafood Dishes

Monkfish Tikka Masala

Charcoal grilled monkfish served in a silky yellow sweet & sour cashew sauce.

Seafood Moilee

Fish and jumbo Prawn gently poached in a Mustard seeds, fresh ginger, Curry leaves, coconut milk and dash of lemon juice

Coastal Prawn Masala

Prawn marinated with spices and cooked with onion, tomato, mustard seeds and curry leaf.


Tandoor Dishes

Chicken Tikka Shashlik

Chicken supreme skewered with onion, tomato and capsicum and cooked in clay oven. Served with tandoori salad and potato cake.

Chicken Tikka

Spices Marinated Chicken supreme skewered and broiled in tandoor ove

Peshwari Jhinga

Plump juicy king prawn marinated with pomegranate syrup and spices. Served with tandoori salad and potato cake.

Kebab Selection

An assortment of kebabs; chicken supreme, king prawn and lamb


Hot dish cooked with very well-seasoned spices and potato.


A fairly hot dish with a taste to be remembered.


Medium hot curry cooked with green chilly tomato and capsicum.


Delight full medium hot sweet & sour dish.


Exotic rich condensed sauce with plenty of ginger, garlic and tomatoes.


Birmingham invented curry.

Tikka Masala

Onion and tomato base creamy mild curry.

Vegetarian Dishes

Bagara Baigan

Aubergine cooked in peanut, sesame seed and coconut base sweet and sour sauce.

Madras Sambar

A traditional south Indian curry made with lentil and vegetable.

Bindi Masala

Okra tossed with onion tomato and touch of mango powder.

Bombay Jeera Aloo

Cubed potato spiced and tempered with crushed cumin seed.

Aloo Gobi

Potato and cauliflower cooked in home-made spice mix

Sag Lasooni

Spinach tossed with garlic.

Mutter Paneer

Fresh Indian cheese and peas in spiced cream sauce.

Palak Sabji

Spinach and vegetable cooked in fenugreek leaf flavoured aromatic sauce

Paneer Tikka Makhanwala

Fresh Indian cheese cooked in a cream and butter tomato sauce

Dal Tadka

Chick pea lentil preparation with garlic, cumin seeds and red chill

Plain Naan
Peshwari/Garlic/Chilly& Coriander Naan
Keema Naan/Cheese Naan
Malabar paratha

Soft refined flour dough beaten to thin sheet and folded to form layered bread.

Boiled basmati rice
Saffron Pulao rice
Coconut rice
Plain chips
Masala chips
Spicy poppadum
Selection of chutney
Green salad

If you have any allergies to Nuts, Peanuts, Milk, Mustard, Eggs, Fish, Crustaceans, Sesame seed, Sulphur dioxide, celery, lupine, Soya, Molluscs, Cereals please inform us Before ordering. We will do our best to advice you.